You must have both desire and a willingness to sacrifice to achieve success.

Danielle is Certified Master Personal Trainer, who specializes in Childhood Obesity, Exercise for Persons with Diabetes, Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercises for Postural Abnormalities, Weight Loss, Strength and Endurance, Senior Fitness, Pregnancy & Postnatal Exercise, and Exercise Motivation & Psychology.  Her individual credentials include, but are not limited to, Indoor Cycling, Advanced Aqua Aerobics Exercise, Exercising with Coronary Artery Disease, Exercise and Peripheral Artery Disease, Diabetes and Nutrition, Functional Assessments for Older Adults, Physiology of Aging, Exercise Programming for Alzheimer’s,  Dementia and Exercise, Exercise for Arthritis  (Land & Water), Exercise and Osteoporosis, Exercise-Induced Asthma, Arthritis and Exercise, Nutrition and Aging, Postural Assessment, Spinal Anatomy,  Hypertension/Hypotension and Exercise, Nutrition for Pregnancy, Adult Physiology , Adult Physical Fitness Assessments, Cardiovascular Program Design, Land-Based Circuit Training, and Boot Camp Conditioning.  Danielle is also one of a select few personal trainers in the US to partner with medical offices using ketone therapies in for cancer and Alzheimer's patients

Strength and Endurance

Whether it's athletics, event specific training or entrance physical exam preparation the knowledge of a professional strength and endurance trainer is key. Progression based on scientific advancement of the muscle tissue and development of oxygen specific use is crucial. D'fine is proud to have some of the best strength and endurance trainers in the industry who judge their success on yours! 

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Senior Fitness


Quality of life and enjoying retirement years is vital to a fulfilling life! We all know that the mature body has specific needs and select D'fine trainers specialize in those needs to gain mobility, range of motion, develop lean muscle tissue, improve balance and flexibility, improve joint discomfort and ease stiffness of under used muscles. 

Rehabilitation Fitness

Regaining full quality of life is important to everyone after an accident or surgical procedure.  Rehabilitation fitness is a specialization to take the body beyond physical therapy while building new quality tissue, increasing range of motion and building endurance. From joint replacements and ligament tears to fusions and cardiac rehab. 

Weight Loss


As someone who journeyed through a 200 pound non-surgical weight loss to become an endurance athlete, Danielle understands the formula for success.  Success is as simple as results! No fads, no gimmicks, just hard work driven by scientific planned elements specific to each client's goals and current body condition.

Childhood Obesity

"Little" bodies are not the same as "big" bodies and neither is their nutrition or fitness routines! Childhood obesity is an epidemic endangering the lives of children across the nation and is of special interest at D'fine. Through specialized developed programs and trainers specific to the body development of children D'fine has become an industry leader helping thousands of children.

Pregnancy Related Fitness


New and "to be" moms require an extra level of expertise and care. Whether preparing for baby's delivery, maintaining an appropriate fitness level while pregnant or returning to pre-baby form our certified master trainers have the knowledge and compassion required to exceed mom's expectations!