Danielle pulls from her personal experience of losing over 200 pounds non-surgically and winning two world records for ultra endurance cycling to  inspire, motivate and get to the heart of making changes.  Conquering challenges and reaching seemingly unattainable goals is her life-blood and she loves sharing her stories in an effort to inspire, challenge and motivate groups and organization's to achieve theirs.


Through Highway to Health, a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, Girdano is focused on conquering the systemic childhood obesity epidemic and the often correlative bullying that is pervasive in our schools and communities.  Danielle enjoys speaking about the small changes that can make huge impacts in health and self-confidence. 

Danielle is available to speak on a number of topics and has the ability to customize her address based on the needs of the group.  Common topics are Overcoming Obstacles and Staying the Course, Commitment to Excellence, Meeting the Challenge, Childhood Obesity and Bullying,  Conquering Fears and many others. Reach out to Danielle via phone or email to discuss your goals and needs for a speaker today.